Publication and poster design

The moon landing conspiracy is something which I have always found deeply fascinating. The amount of theories that arise from the tiniest detail is incredible. 


I decided to do this project which combined all of my favourite conspiracy theories for the moon landing. I did a series of books and posters, each containing a different clue to a theory.


One book contained images of the moon landing, both 'real' and staged. One contained the names of dozens of conspiracy theorists, as found on theory forums. Another had the transcript/play script of the whole trip, from take-off to landing and another had the internet thread that I took when doing my research, from the official NASA website and ending up in hoax theorist websites. I also designed three posters using three 'official' images that caused a lot of questions when they were released.


My favourite of all the books I made was Kubricks Confession. This book described my favourite of all the theories. Stanley Kubrick (director of The Shining, Space Odyssey etc.) was supposedly the director of the ‘staged’ moon landing and the Film The Shining, his confession. This all stems from some very tiny details in the film. In one scene a child is sat on a patterned carpet with a pattern which has a vague resemblance to the shape of the Apollo 11 launch rocket. I decided that if this was a clue then what did the rest of the patterns in the film indicate? Where they hidden clues too? Kubricks Confession contains every pattern seen throughout the entire film, quite literally hidden within its pages.


Each of these books was design, printed and made by me.