Box It 2015


Event design

Box It 2015 was an exhibition put on by Ribble Packaging in September 2015. I was commissioned to design the whole event. This included the branding of the event, the design of all promotional artwork, the layout of the event and any printed artwork that would be there in the day.

Ribble Packaging was revolutionising the packaging industry and entering into new markets. They wanted this exhibition showcase their new machines as well as explaining how they had got to this point. The event took place in Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, which is a very industrial venue. This was chosen as we wanted to represent and celebrate the companies industrial roots. I designed the layout of the room to tell a story. Once you entered the exhibition you were taken through a journey starting with a company timeline, followed by the problems the packaging industry was facing. You then entered into another room where you were greeted by huge, modern machines. The solution to your packaging problems.